As so much is changing in our communities, cities, countries, and the world, we recognize that we want our content to show up in a way that's meaningful. We reminded ourselves of what our members and our community look to Civic Hall for, and decided that as best we can (through digital means), we would keep offering those things you seek and more. 
One of these offerings is our newly curated bi-weekly newsletter focused on civic tech's response to Covid-19, staying virtually connected through virtual events, civic tech programs, jobs, funding opportunities, work from home, and wellness tips, and much more.

By signing up for the newsletter, you will also get a free subscription to our First Post [$10/month value],  a twice-a-week digest of news and analysis of the world of civic tech, brought to you directly in your inbox by Civic Hall’s President/Founder, Micah Sifry. 
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